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The balance between fun and discipline

Company Dance Programs

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A Team Effort

Arizona Dance CompetitionWe offer company programs for students ages 5 through 18. Desert Star Dance companies participate in fun and exciting events throughout the year. We perform monthly at events including fall festivals, Christmas shows, spring carnivals, and other performance opportunities. We often perform at Disneyland, the Phoenix Suns games, and other exciting venues. Desert Star performing groups are not necessarily competition teams. We DO compete a few times per year, but compete for the performing experience. We feel that the competition circuit is taking dance in a direction that does not gel with our goal to keep a healthy balance for young people. We choose our competition organizations carefully.

Company members have a required schedule. The requirements are different for each age group. Call (480) 813-7827 or contact us for more information on joining one of our companies.

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“ all show sheer professionalism and complete dazzle!”

School Comes First

Our company members maintain a schedule that does not overwhelm their lives but enhance it. Company members must maintain their grades. We know that young people have to balance school and extra curricular activities. We require company students to fulfill their commitment to the team environment but realize there are other events that only come once in their lifetime. We do our best to accommodate a busy schedule.