Why I Teach Dance
Ann Bode
Ann Bode
Aug 31, 2022

Why I Teach Dance

I have been teaching dance for over 40 years. Yep, you heard that right... 40 years! I started teaching as a teenager not long after I started training. My father was a teacher and a coach and my siblings and I have all gone in to some sort of teaching profession. It’s in the blood!

I am so grateful for my experience. Throughout the years, I have had the privilege of watching children grow up from a unique perspective. I realize the responsibility I have in working with children, and I am committed to having a positive influence in their life. After so many years of instructing, I have taught some kids from the time they were in preschool and continued with them into adulthood. I’ve been doing it long enough now that some of those people are bringing me their own children to teach! What a joy.

I take what I do very seriously and I find great satisfaction in my students and their accomplishments. The people that I teach have great impact on me. Even the students that I only spend a short time with, often leave an indelible impression. They are all unique and valued and have their own set of talents and challenges. There is nothing more amazing than seeing a shy and timid student gradually transform. Even the most apprehensive dancer can soon be arriving at dance class with enthusiasm and standing at the barre or strapping on their tap shoes with confidence!

I do not teach dance with the goal of creating professional dancers. I have taught many who have gone on to careers in dance, entertainment or arts education, but I don’t teach with that intention. It is most certainly gratifying to see a former student succeed on a professional level but I have other reasons for teaching at heart. I do it to help kids with their confidence and grace. I teach dance to help a student develop their personality and improve their social skills. I teach dance to help people feel less awkward or be able to loosen up and have fun. I teach dance because I know how much positive impact it can have on any person.

I know my fellow dance instructors would agree that there is something wonderful about seeing a student achieve their goal - whether it be to become a professional dancer, get on their high school dance team, or to just be able to do a shuffle ball change or a pirouette.

Dance classes are an excellent choice for coordination development in children and young adults. Dance can have a big influence on a persons' overall confidence. It is also a perfect way to improve athletic agility. However the most wonderful thing about dancing is the personal growth that can be achieved. It can contribute to the overall success of any person, and best of all - it's fun! I love seeing that more than anything else.

I am so thankful to have had wonderful teachers myself. From the woman who taught me combo classes as a young girl, the teacher who mentored and nurtured me through my teens, to the dynamic teachers who taught me in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I am so very thankful to all of them. It is amazing to have been given the gift of passion for my craft. I believe I have a special talent of communication and aim to pass my knowledge on to the next generation. There is nothing more rewarding to me and I feel so blessed to have found my calling at such a young age. I still have the same passion today.

I hope you will take a moment to learn more about what we offer at Desert Star Dance and see how dance can enhance your life or the life of your precious child.

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