Why Should a preschooler take dance?
Ann Bode
Ann Bode
Dec 18, 2020

Why Should a preschooler take dance?

At Desert Star Dance, we have several main goals for younger dancers ages 3-5.

  • to encourage them to develop independence
  • learn to follow directions
  • enhance their enthusiasm for dance
  • most importantly to have FUN!

To understand the positive aspects of movement, all anyone has to do is watch the smile that graces the face of a child spinning and hopping to the beat. There is a sense of pride and self-accomplishment that comes with mastering the movements.

Dance is a fantastic way to encourage preschoolers to follow directions, learn new vocabulary, gain rhythmic skills, and much more. Additional Benefits of Dance for Preschoolers:

  • Enhances social skills
  • Promotes physical fitness
  • Improves attention span
  • Encourages participation and group interaction
  • Provides opportunities to lead, share and respond to others
  • Creates a positive self image
  • Teaches arts appreciation
  • Enhances poise and grace
  • Improves balance, coordination, and agility

We know that dance, creative movement, and programs encouraging coordination development are of great importance to preschool aged children. We have seen the benefits through many years of developing our Preschool Dance Program.

There was a time when parents didn’t worry about their preschoolers getting enough exercise. After all, kids that age are a bundle of energy that don’t ever seem to stop being in motion so they naturally get all of the exercise that they need, right? Wrong. With technology creating more sedentary activities for children as young as toddler age, it is our responsibility to help ensure kids get moving and get the exercise they need.

Television, video games, computers, tablets and phones… these are tools that, when used correctly, can help improve a child’s life. They can give him or her new skills, be used for educational purposes and appropriately entertain children at certain periods throughout the day. But these tools sometimes cause a drop in the necessary amount of exercise a child needs for optimum health. With more sedentary options available, young children are exercising less. We’ve all heard that obesity is increasing and we know the risks that come along with that. Make sure your child develops a routine that incorporates regular fitness. Fitness is fun at their age, and dance classes are a great way to add some of the necessary exercise they dearly need.