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Major Dance Theater Production

Major Dance Theater ProductionAt Desert Star Dance, we pride ourselves on the quality of our shows. We spend a full week in the theater leading up to our end of the season production (recital). We call it a production because it is just that - A major production! Calling it a recital just doesn’t do it justice. We take the time to let the kids get comfortable on stage, rehearse the staging, and light each dance professionally. We teach theater craft, terminology and the etiquette of the theater. The theater has important traditions and procedures that are an essential part of dance. Our staff has years of experience in production and take the time to share what we know with our students and parents.

Arizona Dance RecitalsWe also educate our audience to treat the theater experience with respect. We don’t allow screaming and shouting during our performances except at the end of a number. We know how unnerving it can be to be in a theater full of shouting patrons. We know that all performers deserve respect and applause at the appropriate time and in a respectful way.

“...what a fantastic show! It was like a mini Broadway musical right here in Gilbert!”

Gilbert Broadway MusicalOur shows are the perfect length. We try to keep them to a reasonable duration with an intermission. We put the show together in an entertaining format that flows quickly. Your whole family will enjoy the presentation and you’ll want to bring your neighbors and friends for a great afternoon or night of entertainment. It’s a wonder to see what your kids can do! Our recital is held the second weekend in June at Mesquite High School. The theater is state-of-the-art with professional lighting and quality sound. We do three shows over the course of the weekend.

There are two fees associated with our show: