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I've Never Been to a Dance Studio Before. How Do I Get Started?

There is no obligation when trying a dance class at Desert Star Dance. All you need to do is stop by and tour the facility, fill out a registration form and try a class!

How Will My Child Benefit From Dance?

Here are just a few of the benefits to enrolling your child in dance class at any age.

Even if your child is just interested in dancing once a week, they will benefit in many ways from taking a dance class.

What Makes Desert Star Dance Different?

Desert Star Dance puts the students and their families first. We provide convenient and quality service and a comfortable family atmosphere where your child can learn dance in a non-competitive environment. Our beginning classes are geared towards learning the fundamentals of dance while having fun. We want to enhance lives and inspire people to dance.

Desert Star Dance instructors teach the skills and art of dance while encouraging you and/or your child to love dance and movement. Our teachers are in it for their students and not themselves. It is our goal to include students rather than exclude, and we have created an environment where all students can feel special, important, and confident.

We do have performance teams that dance at community events as well as competitions, but we are in it for the experience of performing and striving for personal improvement. We do not compete in more than two competitions per year.