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The balance between fun and discipline

What Makes Us Different

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Our Story

Desert Star Dance Founded in 2003 by Ann Olsen BodeDesert Star dance was founded in 2003 by Ann Olsen Bode. Ann and her team of professionals are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that stands apart from other dance academies. Desert Star puts the students and their families first! In a world of competitive and dramatic dance environments, Desert Star Dance strikes a healthy balance between striving for excellence and enjoyment of the process.

DSD takes it seriously that we are influencing young lives. Our goal is to have a positive impact while encouraging kids to work hard and be their best. We know there is a delicate balance between discipline and fun and feel it is important to maintain that balance in our classes and performances. We strongly believe in age appropriateness for youngsters in dance movement, physical training, music, as well as costuming.

To find out more about our philosophy go to Ann’s blog posts.

Students are STARS!

Dance Students Are StarsIt is our goal to include students rather than exclude, and we have created an environment where all students can feel special, important, and confident. We cater to the once a week dancer as well as the serious minded student. Dance is for EVERYONE! We know that once you experience the positive atmosphere and incredible staff at DSD, you will want to return week after week.

Desert Star Dance instructors are experienced and knowledgeable professionals. They aim to inspire and entertain their students while teaching them the art of dance. Although our teachers are amazing performers and award winning choreographers - their main focus is the student and not their own notoriety. Teaching is the number one priority.